Book Review of It's Time to Uncover Your Original Blueprint

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

What is your purpose? Are you really doing what you believe you were placed on this earth to do? Or, through passive assimilation, are you lost in someone else's aspirations in a role that you were not destined to be, a role that does not display to others (even the ones that you love the most) that you value or love yourself despite your unwavering self-sacrifice?

Sonyia B. Graham is no stranger to understanding the dynamics of our construct. As a former sport's manager, promotional products provider, and currently as an author and entrepreneur (Mirror Perfect Marketing and Colored Mirrors Publishing), she promotes the need for each of us to become aware of our true purpose.

And, Ms. Graham does not leave it to us to figure out how to do this. Within the "Original Blueprint", Ms. Graham provides 10 strategies in a simple workbook format through self-explorative exercises that aid in rediscovering who we are and uncovering our individual talents. After guiding you through these exercises, Ms. Graham follows up reassuringly on how to live your life to the fullest with health (physical and mental), financial and relationship advice. The "Original Blueprint" is also a "guide" that you'll want to keep in close proximity to identify freelance opportunities, create a financial plan & evaluate financial health, and explore entrepreneurial resources.

Having started the book over 11 years ago, you will readily discern that it is not merely a book, but a project; thus, it's no wonder that this beautiful author sequels this book with others in this series including: "Staying True to Your Original Blueprint", "Let's Re-Negotiate", and a book of affirmations. You may want to grab a copy of the "Original Blueprint" now so that you can keep up with all Ms. Graham is doing to live out her purpose!

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