Book Review of The Skin I'm In

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

It took me longer to read the book The Skin I’m In than it usually does. Often, I’m reading multiple books at once but not with this one. Despite the fact that this book is filled with captivating photographs, the stories are that much more captivating and touching.

I have a difficult time reading and digesting stories where children are harmed or individuals have no control or way out. This is one of those books. People with vitiligo, dark skin, albinos, or birthmarks prominently placed on their faces relay their stories on being tortured as children, referred to as monsters. And, yet they have found ways to cope. I am beyond inspired by their stories and their strength and believe you will be too as you turn the pages of this book.

To purchase author and photographer, Ferrell E. Phelps' book Skin Deep: The Skin I'm In, go to You will realize how much we take for granted just being in the skin we’re in. Also, now available - the newly released (2019), Beyond the Mask also on The photos are even more remarkable, truly a work of art! Check out the cover below, I think you'll agree. Mr. Phelps along with his partner, Sonyia B. Graham, has also started a "phenomenal" agency, the Skin I'm In Model & Talent Agency, where they offer unique models and diverse talent worldwide. Stay tuned in to this movement as they are "changing the world's lens"!

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