Book Review of Ramology

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

“There is a concerted effort to silence the black voice Make us believe what we saw wasn’t what we really saw because reality for them is just a matter of choice The intent is to eradicate our existence and blot out our race But without us, there is no them, So them want to make sure us [expletive] stay in our place”

And so it is written by this fearless, unabashed, and impenitent author, R.A. McAlpine ( Don’t let the ankh on the cover of the book fool you into believing this is a book of religion! The anhk is an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbolizing life or living and R.A. McAlpine (breathes life into your soul with each poem and each quote he utters.

If you ever blurted the words to Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”, if your eyes stayed glued to Sistah Souljah’s book “The Coldest Winter Ever”, if you’re a fan of James Baldwin, Gil Scott-Heron, if you’re a hopeless romantic, if you’re an individual that believes in rights for all humanity, if you’re a man that yearns to be in the lives of his seed if you believe Kap did the right thing in taking that knee, and if you believe that we are bound for black excellence by supporting “US”, this is the book for you!!

Not much of a reader? Don’t worry, there are 52 poems to digest for every week of the year, with stories of love, legacy, defeat, and triumph.

If you’re not in some way left uncomfortable, left uneasy, somewhat disturbed by the contents of this book — there may be something wrong with you. R.A. McAlpine’s purpose is not so much to motivate you as it is to challenge your thinking beyond the zone of familiarity! Purchase Ramology here:!!

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