Book Review of Leaving With My Marbles

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

"As a result of the tumult, I developed high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and depression. I sat in a closed garage with my car running on my daughter's sixth birthday, ready to die."

In her memoir, Leaving With My Marbles, Ms. Darshell McAlpine divulges very intimate and personal details of her life. She examines her numerous conflicts: adhering to embedded religious beliefs instead of becoming free and true to self; allowing fear and what-if scenarios to restrain her from taking action, and remaining in toxic familial relationships for the sake of the family. Ms. McAlpine confronts her struggles and permits us to share a glimpse of her horrors within the pages of this telling book.

I found this book one that I could not put down. I rapidly flipped from one page to another, not because the content is simple. Quite the contrary, Ms. McAlpine's choice of words and wordplay convey her confident familiarity with the English language. Her selection is not verbose, yet it is just enough to have you researching because you can't quite recall the definition of a term.

Ms. McAlpine left with her marbles and leaves us with no room for excuses to remain in a state of denial, self-hate, and lack of self-love. A must-have, Leaving With My Marbles can be purchased on! Ms. McAlpine is also CEO and President of Boss Lady Press publishing company which has a host of low-cost or no-cost options to provide you with valuable independent publishing information. For services, go to!

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