Must Read Book: "You've Got to be Hungry" by Les Brown

"If you died today - what dreams, what ideas, what gifts, what inventions, what innovation, what voice, what story would die with you?"

With a career spanning over five decades, the most inspirational, impactful, indulging, insightful, and incredible orator of all time, Les Brown returns with another book for anyone interested in success, convincing us that we have what it takes to win!

World-renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown, began penning this recently released book, "You've Got to be Hungry," over 20 years ago. Why did it take two decades? As Mr. Brown has uttered in countless speeches, "life was happening."

Traverse with Mr. Brown on this somewhat tumultuous ride, distinct from prior writings and stories. Although some of our favorite Les Brown stories are laced throughout his memoir, Mr. Brown pulls the curtain back and reveals more than his followers may be prepared to believe. He defines what birthed his hunger, his fuel for becoming and remaining hungry.

He expresses how the odds were stacked against him growing up in the segregated South, where his family was poor, Mamie Brown's sacrifices so that he and his siblings could eat, and recalls unpleasant memories, cramming into the back of the bus, feeling humiliated and being

"unwelcomed in the country of [his] birth."

Mr. Brown plows us further underground, and as he digs the pit becomes deeper and hollower with his recollection of:

  • being rejected as a black man;

  • financial woes;

  • the loss of dear and talented friends that did not live their purpose;

  • his battle with prostate cancer.

Adding fuel to the fire, while Mr. Brown struggled with cancer, his marriage waned, his talk show was canceled and worst of all, his beloved mother, Mamie Brown passed.

Life was not finished dealing blows to Mr. Brown (and neither was, Murphy). His hunger was tested and tried like never before. In "You've Got to be Hungry," he reveals an untold secret that lay deep within. For that revelation, you will need to purchase the book.

One of the most pivotal points in his life was when his son, a young John Leslie, saw Mr. Brown during his plight and asked, "Daddy, are you gonna die from this without putting up a fight?" During a recent Facebook Live session with the Brown family (listen to "Lunch with Les," daily at noon ET) Mr. Brown spoke of this timely question and how it interrupted his thinking.

This "interruption in thinking" caused me to get still for a moment, breathe and reflect. We are in the year 2020 and are being inundated with fear: a deadly virus, a sluggish economy, a bleak future, a lack of certainty about food, shelter, and employment. We must be aware of what's before us, but tuning into dismal messaging regularly will only drive us into a pit.

Interrupt your thinking! Thoughts are things. If we allow our minds to constantly consume and dwell on the darkness and hopelessness that is presented, we will dwindle. You have goals, dreams, and aspirations just waiting to be put in motion. Now is the time! Do as much as you can, while you can. You must have the HUNGER to do it and move the excuses to the side. For those of us truly aspiring to be great, HUNGER is not an option, it's a requirement!