Book Review of Healed Inside Out

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Some tend to look at the word "disease" as one word instead of two. In her book, "Healed Inside Out: My Journey to Wholeness", the beautiful, humble, physically fit, and spiritually driven author Kayako Johnson (Kay) defines it a bit differently. She challenges that the cancer, "disease that attacked her body was just that…DIS - EASE…[her] body not being at ease for a long time…holding onto anger and hurt, [putting] great strain on [her] body" which may have caused certain organs to shut down.

As I read Ms. Johnson's story, I read her pain; but oddly, at the end of each paragraph and chapter, I felt as though it ended with a smile, an inkling of hope, a gentle hand placed on my head. I am not trying to minimize the level of pain that Ms. Johnson endured, but I have to say that her ability to conquer all that she has endured with a beam of light is what resonated with me throughout her story. Learn how Ms. Johnson faced some of life's most challenging blows head-on by leaning heavily on God and her spiritual support system.

Struggling with health issues and maintaining a fit lifestyle? Follow Ms. Johnson and learn about her healthy programs (meals and fitness) to heal you both inside and out. It's obvious that she has figured it out not only because of her figure, but because she maintains a radiant smile even when she's working out.

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