Book Review of Everything Grows in the Valley

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

In Diana N. Patterson’s memoir, Everything Grows in the Valley: A Story of Redemption and Learning to Embrace Life’s Adversities, the life coach, child advocate, trainer, motivational speaker, playwright and director (DNP Productions) journeys us through the valley, of which most of her life is rendered stagnant from the point of living in foster care to molestation to desiring connection and reassurance from a loved one. Ms. Patterson triumphs as she endures domestic violence becomes a mother at the early age of 16, manages through bankruptcy, and even in later years survives despite living less than paycheck to paycheck.

Introspective and affirming, Everything Grows is an undeterred autobiography demonstrating Patterson’s ebbs and flows, and ascension to resilience through her relentless faith in God and her staunch love for her daughters.

Readers interested in awakening from the black hole, evolving from encountered vulnerabilities, will find her story compelling, sanguine about her survival because, well, if Ms. Patterson is able to endure all of this and flourish, what’s is our excuse?

Everything Grows in the Valley is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. In celebration of the book’s two-year anniversary, Ms. Patterson released a new cover. We love the new look!

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