Book Review of Bully Me Not

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

“Both Ronnie and Hakeem jumped on [De’Shawn]. They punched and kicked him until the teachers came to pull them off of him”.

Bullying has become a negative epidemic in our society. Not only is it a challenge for our children in school, but it is also something even adults are faced with in the workplace. Not only is it physical, but it’s also cyber.

Annetta T. Swift addresses all these issues in her book “Bully Me Not”. Although written at a 5th-grade level, it is a workbook designed for parents and teachers to consult, coupled with stories that will have you reflecting on some childhood horror stories, or pondering how you would escape a situation.

During a summer event (2019) hosted by @321stopthebullying, we met a woman who’s niece was bullied to the point where she committed suicide #mckensiefoundation. When we departed from this event my head kept spinning as I searched my brain for answers, namely: What would I have done as a parent to save my daughter?

Fortunately, Ms. Swift offers some solutions and affirmations. One noteworthy point is: one person can’t stop an individual from being bullied, it takes a village. Also striking was bullies need love too! No, those aren’t Ms. Swift’s words. But you must read the book to understand the angle.

Ms. Swift we appreciate you and your organization @bullymenot for your work to stop the bullying of our youth!

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