Book Review: "Becoming" by Michelle Obama

Would you ever think of our beautiful, powerfully poised and positioned FLOTUS as a "caged bird"?

Living in the White House is like a goldfish in a small fishbowl - all mankind can see your every move, waiting for you to flip and croak not long after your entry. Living in the white house as a black woman, striving for excellence, decency, and uprightness, determined to be exemplary in all behaviors - that is living like a caged bird.

In her autobiography "Becoming", Michelle Obama (who will forever remain THE FLOTUS in the hearts of millions) Michelle sings. She sings about her accomplished life prior to meeting President Obama. She hums to a tune as she takes us through their courtship.

In full transparency

And throughout the book, she is forthright and honest. Ms. Obama is not afraid to sing as the beautiful bird that she is about her disagreements, her flaws, her anger with those finding fault and flaws. Her hopes and dreams challenged or silenced to support those of President Obama.

Didn't she already reach the status when she arrived in the white house when she "Became" FLOTUS. On the contrary, this was probably the longest duration of her "Becoming."

Undoubtedly one of the heaviest declarations in Ms. Michelle Obama's autobiography, "Becoming" is when she states (regarding Barack's inquiry to campaign for President): "I said yes…[because] I didn't really think he could win."

As if her character, charisma, elegance, and equanimity were not enough, our FLOTUS (she will always be our FLOTUS), surmounts expectations through her transparency, not just in a few instances, but throughout her entire memoir.

The caged bird sings

Once a caged bird, limited to only chirping her sentiments intermittently, our beautiful bird now sings and flies in all her grandeur and exquisiteness. She bellows about her career being placed on the back burner in support of her husband, her flaws and disappointments, their disagreements and fertility struggles.

The revelations of Ms. Obama's vulnerabilities convey her frailty, ironically evidencing that divulging one's wounds may, in fact, extol and empower the bird that was once caged by positively influencing others. And so, we laud and applaud our beautiful bird and "forever FLOTUS," Ms. Michelle Obama, for work well done in the office and as an author!

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