Editing Services

(Delivered with professional care)

Dear Writer,

Whether you are writing your first book, assembling your next blog, or preparing a social media post, I am are here for you.  I understand the bond that you have developed to your words.  Putting your pen to the pad is not an easy task!


The concept may be very clear in your mind, but the difficulty comes in conveying this to the reader so that she will receive and act on your message. And, once you're done, you hardly have an interest in reviewing it for errors.

My desire is to assist you with all of your writing needs, providing feedback professionally, with diplomacy, and courtesy.  I will review your work and coach you towards delivering "publish-ready" content.  By writing, and publishing your writing, you are leaving a piece of you, your imprint on the world.

But it's not just about leaving your mark, it's about leaving that mark in a way that people will recognize you as doing so with excellence.  That's why quality content is pertinent! Grammatical errors, poor punctuation and misspellings will cause your readers to doubt your ability to present a solid product or service. 

Since you are here on my page, I know that you already have work waiting to be released to the world.  So, if you're open-minded, click the "Consultation" button and we can begin discussing the services that are best for you.

Quotes for services are indicated below.  However, my preference is to hold a brief consultation with you to understand your needs. I have found that this approach works best for my clients because everyone has different writing styles and deliverables.


 If you’re interested in receiving a consultation, please complete the intake form on the Consultation Page


I can't wait to work with you and help you leave your legacy in the world!

      Lisa T. McAlpine 

        (Leva Styles)


An assessment, entry-level type review of your manuscript, that evaluates overall writing of the deliverable (e.g., typically performed for books). This critique is an initial review, allowing the writer to revisit the flow of the manuscript prior to the comprehensive edit.


Here’s what's included:

  • Reading of your entire manuscript

  • Feedback in the form of an editorial memo (typically 1 to 4 pages)



The content edit is designed to provide you with guidance on developing a more harmonious story, identifying story redundancies, poor transitions, underdeveloped characters, poor rhythm, etc.

  • An assessment of the narrative’s voice, flow, structure, and ways to enhance it

  • Suggestions for revisions of major issues & advice on how to strengthen the overarching themes within your book.

  • This is not a closed directive; if you have questions following the assessment – ask! We can discuss.


This edit is a detailed critique of your entire story and is reviewed line-by-line. Once you’ve addressed and corrected any structural issues identified from the MC, we’ll advise on changes (using a track changes software program) that you can accept, reject, or modify as you see fit.

Here’s what’s identified:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors

  • Punctuation issues

  • Words or phrases that should be deleted/reworded

  • Unnatural phrasing

  • Run-on sentences


We base the estimated cost on several factors including the quality of the content, number of words, amount of errors.


Pricing below is for the following genres: child fiction, poetry, drama, adult fiction, and non-fiction. Reference books (e.g., dictionaries, how-to books) excluded.

Ask about our "Writing Coach" package!



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Have a blog but not sure if you've overlooked grammatical errors? 


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So you’ve finished your book! It’s been bound, you have the first official copy in-hand and you can’t wait to get it in the hands of others.  But how do you create more visibility?  


A book review! Individuals are more likely to read a book that has a review.  This leads to buzz, which could lead to greater sales.