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Ramology: Note to Self is a selection of poems that address the existence of social imbalance, civil intolerance, and relational triumphs and failures. 
It consistently explores the who, what, when, where, and why of humanity while challenging society’s tolerance to change.  
Its inspirational quotes will provoke thought, providing a universal nugget to galvanize each week of the year.

"Strive for greatness without selling your soul. Expect excellence without crushing the spirit of others. Realize your independent nature while realizing that there is strength in togetherness. Reach for the heavens without forgetting to reach back and help someone else along the way. For this is the essence of COMMUNITY and we are the COMMUNITY!"

R.A. McAlpine

These poems in Ramology are a powerhouse! They are poignant, prolific, and pure. Alpine’s voice is a force to be reckoned with, and he doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable social issues and injustices. He apologizes for nothing, and confronts the reader head on with difficult topics and themes. His use of vocabulary skirts clichés by presenting 'ugly' words in such an honest and straightforward fashion. He has stood up and said: "This is the reality. Read it. Absorb it. Feel it."

Editor, Janelle Shields


Ramology is a must have book full of inspiring and empowering poems.

Reader, S. Hodge-Hill

If you ever blurted the words to Public Enemy's "Fight the Power", if your eyes stayed glued to Sistah Souljah's book "The Coldest Winter Ever", if you're a fan of James Baldwin, Gil Scott-Heron…if you believe Kap did the right thing in taking that knee, and if you believe that we are bound for black excellence by supporting "US", Ramology is the book for you!!

Book Reviewer, L. Styles