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R.A. McAlpine

R.A. McAlpine (affectionately known as Alpine) is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. Over the past 35 years, he has honed his skill in the writing craft. Although his pen expresses itself beyond poetry, the spoken word has always been his first love. His past literary work has culminated into a collection of poems entitled Ramology: Note to Self. In addition to writing, he is also an accomplished stage actor who has performed in a number of iconic productions at the historic Karamu Performing Arts Theatre including his first lead role as Chad Deity, in The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. Other credits include the classic play the Color Purple (prized fighter Henry Brodnacks (Buster)), cast member of the published original work Mighty Scarabs (Charles “Killer” Davis), and the captivating play God’s Trombones (Pharaoh).


Receiving his MBA from Ohio University, Alpine is also a trowel tradesman, entrepreneur, public speaker, and an advocate for fathers’ rights. Alpine currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys spending time with family and friends, golfing, fitness, fine dining, and is an avid motorcyclist.

R.A. McAlpine

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 Lisa T. McAlpine

Debuting her writing skills as a co-author of I Am A Black Woman (IAABW) Lisa T. McAlpine has always had an interest in writing.  Throughout her corporate career she wrote and edited technical memos, reports and company newsletters. As she thrived in the corporate environment, Lisa co-published her first article related to the business continuity planning discipline.  Lisa has appeared on TV and local news stations in her hometown, Cleveland OH. 


She’s also modeled and created costume designs & concepts for JCPenney, Kaleidoscope Magazine, and “Ramology: Note to Self”.  Realizing the ability to nurture an interest in writing and a passion for reading through penning book reviews, she continues to develop meaningful rapports with authors seeking her input. 

Driven by her enthusiasm for the community and mentoring she’s held extremely active, voluntary roles on multiple boards including Continue Life, Inc. (Vice President) and the National Black MBA (Vice President) and demonstrates her extraordinary commitment to any task at hand.  

Lisa enjoys Zumba, fine dining, reading, listening to motivational speakers & audible books, traveling to scenic spots, and spending time with family and friends.  One of her favorite quotes is: "If you always wait until you feel like doing things, you will never get them done". 

Lisa T. McApline